The Book

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-10-15-17-amThe Athlete After: A 10-Week Guide to Balancing Life After Sports is an introduction to the struggle athletes feel in their adjustment out of competitive athletics, not only in nutrition and exercise, but in self-perception, social environment, emotions, and relationships. In the book I share:

  • How and what post-sport athletes should be eating.
  • What type of exercise is good for your post-sport body.
  • How to channel your strengths as an athlete into your career.
  • How to create your own, personalized transition plan in a workbook geared to guide you through your individual needs.

The 10-week program is a great start to finding balanced health after sports. To order your copy, visit



“Katie has written a much-needed book for serious athletes to help them after their athletic career is over. More importantly, this is a wonderful book for anyone who is wanting to live a healthier lifestyle with a focus on physical, nutritional, and mental health.”
– Tom Helpenstell, MD, NCAA National Champion and five-time All-American Diver

“If you want a path to success in the transition out of sport, The Athlete After gives you valuable knowledge and techniques to thrive.”
– Brett Sandwick, Mental Conditioning Trainer

“Katie’s book shows us how athletes can contribute to the world even after they’ve completed their highest performance. Redefining and rebuilding from a competitive lifetime of focus on sport, training can be debilitating at best. I am constantly needing to reinvent my approach and training to find the balance I need to be competitive and happy.  Having this guideline gives athletes a way to rebuild their lives, rebuild their definition of health and wellness and find balance in their lives without letting go of any aspect of their sport, or life.

Katie has the experience and knowledge to support not just athletes, but anyone into a lifestyle of wellness and balance. As a five-time NCAA national champion and currently a sponsored Cat 1 ultra endurance mountain bike racer, I know the struggle never ends. We constantly need support, new ideas, and endless encouragement. With Katie’s book, the challenges are exciting, supported, and current. I highly recommend reading her book and talking to Katie.”
– Beth Olsen, sponsored cyclist and NCAA National Champion