Team Coaching

As a former collegiate athlete who understands what it takes to fuel for success in  competition and beyond, I’ve worked with college programs on topics specific to the needs of their athletes. Examples of topics include:

  • Meal prepping, easy breakfast/snack ideas, and eating balanced on a budget
  • Intro to macronutrients (typically separate sessions for protein, carbohydrates, fat and discussions of how to build our bodies and utilize energy)
  • How to eat in preparation for workouts, practices and competition
  • Injury prevention, recovery and the importance of sleep
  • Food labels and super foods for athletes
  • Eating for travel
  • Grocery store tour
  • Sugar & Caffeine: Good vs. Poor Beverage Choices
  • Organic vs. processed foods
  • Nutritional theories: Finding what’s best for you
  • Looking forward in the transition out of sports

Typically a session looks like:

  • 45-minute in person or virtual topic discussion with 15-minutes for questions.
  • Interactive work specific to each individual (I provide general info, but have each athlete write down what is specific for them – such as their suggested macro balance based on their sport, goals, weight, and if they are in or out of season).
  • Handouts with info and graphics if done in person, or PowerPoint presentation if virtual.

Price: $120 per individual session, or package price of sessions to be discussed.

Schedule a 30-minute phone consultation to discuss the needs of your team now!