90-Day Challenge

90 Days Can Change Everything. Want to release 25-60 pounds of fat? Wake up feeling energized and excited about your day? Feel good enough to work out for longer, without joint discomfort or getting sore? Stay healthier with a boosted immune system? Follow an individualized program that fits your lifestyle? Feel the support and accountability… Continue reading 90-Day Challenge


Athlete of the Month: Justin Wimberly

Justin could only play one sport growing up, and he chose football. Nearing the end of his career at Tumwater High School, he suffered a severe leg injury which would have ended many players' careers. But after an amazing recovery, he went on to play Tight End for the Whitworth Pirates.


Athlete of the Month: Kristen Phillips

All American Division I Runner, Former Panther and Hoosier, and Catholic high school transfer who nearly had to become a nun to compete. She's also in FANTASTIC shape. Read how she does it!


Athlete of the Month: Lisa Holombo

Softball extraordinaire, Gatorade Player of the Year/Seattle PI All Star MVP, body builder dad you wouldn't want to mess with. She also hates cardio but is doing a 5k every month this year. Find out why!