Postpartum Rebuild

After your body births a human, it is more imperative than ever to take your time getting back into shape. However, if you’re like me, the athlete in you always believes that you can go to the gym and go balls to the wall for over an hour… even if you haven’t worked out in weeks (or cough cough… months).

So, I created this 8-week program for myself. And I’m happy to report that at the end of those 8 weeks, I lost the healthy amount of 1 lb per week, I felt more comfortable in my body, my core was much stronger, and my endurance had built back up enough that I didn’t feel completely ground zero when I went back to the gym. I was able to resume my workouts more typical to what I would have done before my pregnancy (albeit lighter weights), and it felt SO good to be back!

In the 8 weeks, I lost 7.8 lbs and 8.75 inches off my body. My resting heart rate also dropped from 59 to 48.

This program is meant to:

  • Help you reconnect with your body and appreciate it for everything it has done.
  • Regain flexibility, mobility, strength, and endurance — slowly and steadily.
  • Get back into a rhythm of daily exercise and activity.
  • Help with natural weight loss (maximum of 1 lb per week) with postpartum nutrition guidelines for breastfeeding moms.
  • Workouts you can do at home either with baby (walks) or 30 minutes or less while baby naps.
  • A community of other moms who are doing the same program at the same time. Cheer each other on, offer support, ask/answer questions, and celebrate success together!

What to Expect

Week 1-2 |Yoga, walking, body weight exercise

Week 3-4 |Yoga, interval cardio, body weight exercise with intervals

Weeks 5-6 | Yoga, interval cardio, light weights

Weeks 7-8 | Yoga, cardio, HIIT

By clicking the sign up button below, you will be taken to my Trainerize page to purchase the program. You will then be sent a link to download the app on your phone. This is how you will access the workout plan and calendar. Your screens will look like the below:

Under Plans, you will find the PDF with nutrition guidelines and macro goals (you can sync My Fitness Pal and track your food intake if you desire). You will also See all the workouts listed (Yoga will be videos from 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene).


Under Calendar, you will see the schedule of your workouts. You select the workout for the day (or you can select a future or past workout instead).

Each week, you will track your results in weight and measurements (and body fat if you have a way of doing so). I encourage taking before photos and after photos once the program concludes to see the progress you’ve made! You can upload them in the app for easy comparison.

In Main PM, you can communicate with the group, ask questions, and see when others have completed their workouts (and cheer them on!).

Once you select a workout, you will see instructions on what to do. If you are unsure of what an exercise is, press the photo for a video demo of the movement. You can check in for the workout when you are finished, and track the workout to enter how many reps and how much weight you used.

Join now for $100 total, or two payments of $50!


I would recommend this program to all my postpartum friends! The duration and intensity were good because it built with time. The biggest benefits I gained from the program were relaxation from yoga and good feeling after completing a workout! It also made me realize more when I was doing workout-type things (like squatting to pick up the baby). Kenzie O.
I think the group support is nice! And Katie is such a great support! Elise R.
I loved the nutrition guide and was able to incorporate that into the family meals. It was a great overview. I also liked that when the app reminded me that I had something to do, I could see the reminder without opening the app – one less step.Thanks for giving me a kick start! Tiffany S.

Caveat: This program is meant to get you from cleared to workout to back being able to feeling comfortable in workouts at the gym. For example, by the end of the program, I was able to jog 15 minutes straight, do high intensity interval training, and lift weights (lighter than before I was pregnant). I still had to work back up to where I was before in terms of running shape and heavy lifting, but I felt I had my base back and could build on it. Since I don’t know where you were prior to pregnancy, I can’t predict that you will have exactly the same results. However, this is a slow progression of exercises that can help anyone build strength, flexibility, and endurance.

It is totally OK if you can’t get in a workout. We are new moms after all! Just pick up the next day and continue with the group. Also, if you are already going for a walk on a day when there isn’t one assigned, you can mark off the next walk on your calendar and make that your workout for the day instead. This isn’t a rigid program. However, if you don’t do any bodyweight workouts, you wouldn’t want to move on to workouts with added weight. There is a progression. I’m just a message away if you have any questions during the program!

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