Athlete of the Month: Tom Helpenstell

An interview with the inspirational Tom Helpenstell, one of the most accomplished endurance athletes I've met. Starting his impressive career as state diving champion for multiple years (while coaching himself and his high school team), NCAA Division II National Diving Champion, five-time All-American, to now multiple Ironman triathlons, ultra-marathons, mountaineering, bike tours... (the list goes on). Oh yeah, and did I mention he is an orthopaedic surgeon?

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Going from 100 MPH to 50 MPH: Tips for the Change of Pace

As a student athlete, you are constantly on the go - practice, school, homework, tournaments, travel, studying, and for many of us also a job and a couple other clubs and extracurriculars... oh and then maybe some time for friends and family. Then there comes the time to transition out. Then what?