90-Day Post-Sport Challenge

90 Days Can Change Everything.

Want to feel proud of and love your body again?
Wake up feeling energized and excited about your day?
Learn how to nourish your body and follow workouts that fit your lifestyle?
Feel the support and accountability from a personal trainer and health coach?

Let me help you get there.

I was a competing athlete for 15 years, and went through my own difficult transition. I had no idea how to eat when I “retired” from basketball, and then thought I could out train my poor diet. I hated the changes in my body post sport, and would do anything to get it back. I would get up at 4am to swim for an hour, then ride my bike to work and back (12 miles per day). I lost a couple pounds, but exhausted myself, getting sick all the time because I was running my body into the ground without fueling myself properly. I then tried to severely restrict my caloric intake (but was eating just less of the same junk), and though I got to my goal weight (at the expense of my metabolism), I couldn’t sustain eating that way and gained it all back quickly. About the time I started looking for the magic “pill” or “detox tea” or what have you – I realized I had a problem. I was so focused on becoming a certain weight, I lost sight of what being healthy truly means. All this in addition to struggling to find my new identity outside of sports.

I developed digestive issues, food allergies from an unhealthy gut, inflammation in my joints, constant breakouts, a desperate need for caffeine… then I finally woke up. If you focus on being healthy and finding balance, the rest will come.

Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to finding this balance for myself, and then to help other post-sport athletes do the same.

There is no quick fix diet.
You can’t rely solely on exercise to meet your health goals.
No supplements, no matter their quality, can “fix” you alone.
Look at this as an opportunity to focus on finding balance in your
new life after sports.

That’s why I put together my 90-Day Challenge – a holistic approach that mixes nutrition guidance, a workout program, and the support specifically targeted for former athletes. Whether you are looking to release fat, figure out how to work out when it isn’t for your sport, or just need to push the reset button – I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned through my own journey as a former athlete, health coach and personal trainer.

The 90-Day Post-Sport Challenge

What’s included:

  • A copy of my book that supports our work together, The Athlete After: A 10-Week Guide to Balancing Life After Sports.
  • Macro-nutrient guidelines based on your individual goals and body type to help you learn how to eat to reach and maintain a healthy body.
  • Six video call check ins every other week for education, goal setting, self-reflection exercises, support, and accountability.
  • Weekly text check in and focus reminders.
  • Custom workouts based on your schedule and equipment (even if you’re working out from home).
  • Easy-to-use platform to upload progress photos, measurements, weigh ins, and more to track results – right from your smart phone.
  • In-app messaging for easy communication and support from me.

– Total for program is $320 per month

The breakdown of my program:
Six 45-min health coaching sessions via Zoom
Custom workouts
Macronutrient guidelines
Constant access to me via Trainerize
Virtual progress check ins

Ready to get started? Contact me today to schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation!


“My top three goals upon starting the program were to feel more positive about my job, increase hours or sleep per night, and lose 20 lbs in 6 months. My coach was able to help me work toward these goals by breaking up what seemed a difficult task into small manageable steps. She also helped me change my focus from weight loss to overall health. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been weight loss and my clothes fit better. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my overall outlook has become more positive. I work to create positive experiences in my day instead of moping around.

Katie has been so positive, kind, and supportive of me during the time we have worked together. I couldn’t ask for a better experience! I would recommend her to everyone! Katie is such a great person to work with and does a great job tailoring her approach to your specific needs and goals. She has gone above and beyond and helped me not only accomplish my goals but deal with overwhelming allergies over the last few months. She has gone out of her way to find ways to help me in all aspects of life, beyond health and nutrition.”
Katie P.

“My top three goals upon starting the program were to identify emotional and mental blocks toward fitness, learn how to eat and exercise the right way for my body, and to be consistent with diet and exercise. Katie was able to help me work toward these by helping me set realistic small goals, keeping me accountable with regular meetings, and providing constant encouragement throughout the process and beyond. She helped me work through some tough emotional and mental blocks regarding my health and fitness. She was supportive when I needed her to be, and she pushed me when I needed to be pushed. She never gave me more than I could handle, and helped me realize that I’m stronger than I thought.

I have much more energy, have lost inches, and am down a full dress size! My whole way of thinking has changed. I am able to make better choices, and realize the benefit of those choices for my body. Katie is sincere, genuine, knowledgeable, and supportive. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve their full health potential for their mind, body, and soul.”
Charity R.

If you would like more information or are ready to get started, contact me today to schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation!

Still hesitant? What’s holding you back?

No time to meal prep, for lengthy workouts, or to get to the gym at all?
— We work together to figure out easy, quick and nutritious meals that fit your budget and schedule. Plus the workout app provides a way for me to give you workouts based on your schedule and equipment (even if you are working out from home)!

Can’t afford a nutritionist, trainer, plus gym membership?
— Well then this is the perfect solution. A nutritionist can run you a couple hundred dollars a month, as well as a trainer; and depending on your gym – you are looking at least another $50-100. I’m an all-in-one!

Need a plan to follow, but also want a little flexibility?
— I give you your individualized macro goals, which gives you flexibility within your daily protein, carbohydrate and fat goals. Plus, I work with you to customize your plan based on your results to ensure you are seeing progress each week.

Unsure of what exercises to do to lose weight efficiently?
— I’m a certified personal trainer, and will be giving you workouts based on your goals, equipment, and schedule – available all from your smart phone so you can do them anywhere. Unsure of how to do an exercise? Quick video tutorials are included for each movement in case you need them.

Need accountability to be successful, or some help to stay motivated along the way?
— We will have six video calls (every other week) to provide additional nutrition education, help you work through struggles, and provide exercises to help you understand your relationship with food. You will also be able to check off your workouts, track your food intake, and submit your measurements and weigh ins, as well as progress photos all on one platform.

For more information or questions,
feel free to message me.