Make the Shift with the Only Structured Weight Loss Program I Believe In

What if you found an easy-to-follow weight loss program that leaves your metabolism and body in a healthier state than before? Where you are burning only fat and maintaining your muscle, you have more energy, fewer cravings, and your body recovers faster from a custom workout you just completed from your trainer via your phone?

I started implementing The Metabolic Shift with my clients and have seen amazing results! It’s guided program, so you barely have to meal plan, which is perfect for busy people (and we all are- aren’t we?). Yet, it provides the flexibility so the plan can fit your lifestyle. PLUS I’ve started including online workouts and coaching calls at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Average weekly weight loss: women 2-3 lbs of fat / men 3-5 lbs of fat*

What’s included:

  • Univera’s Metabolic Shift Deluxe Pack (…/pr…/metabolic-shift-deluxe-pack)
  • Three 30-minute health coaching calls to ensure success
  • Nutritional guidelines, as well as macro suggestions and tweaks as-needed based on your results
  • Two vegan meal-replacement shakes per day (chocolate or vanilla), as well as access to other quality high protein, low carbohydrate foods
  • Custom workouts based on your schedule and equipment (even if you’re working out from home)
  • Easy-to-use platform to upload progress photos, measurements, weigh ins, and more to track results
  • In-app messaging for easy communication and support from me, certified personal trainer and health coach


Nutritionist Suzan Zeiger interviews Kathleen Blanchette about how she lost 20 POUNDS IN ONE MONTH!

“This is the easiest thing, and it works. You do the minimum input, and get maximum results. It really is amazing. I’m less sore, I feel better, I sleep better. Keeping track of your body composition is key, because even though I didn’t want to weigh in after going to Portland and San Francisco, I was shocked at how well I still did. It keeps you honest.” – Megan A.

“Two pant sizes down since starting THE SHIFT a month ago, I’m so excited for what’s to come! I feel energized, no more grab bars in ladies room (TMI), and I wake up ready to take on my day versus going back to bed until 12noon.” ― “Drea” Cooper Goldstein, Independent Univera Associate and National Compliance Manager

“I started this challenge not knowing if it would work, but I was shocked by how much progress I saw every week. The shakes have a lot of protein so you are full for awhile, and I think all the supplements really helped my energy, especially the Aloe and Xtra. I’ll continue to drink those every day. The workouts were also key and really helped me.” -Heather L.

“I felt horrible and suffered from constant joint discomfort because my immune system is attacking its own tissues. I was recommended to use a lot of different western medicine approaches and tried all kinds of supplements.
I’m 45 pounds leaner since starting Univera Metabolic Makeover in January, and learning to track macros. I’m active again and have been gaining control of my nutrition and eating habits!”
― Javier Gonzalez, Independent Univera Associate and Companion Home Provider

“I’ve been taking the same dosage medication to increase metabolic function for a medical condition I’ve had for 17 years, and this year my doctor cut it in half as a result of having been on the products for about 10 weeks. It made a huge difference in terms of the effectiveness of my metabolism. My body mass has changed – I have a far more productive muscle mass which is huge in terms of metabolic function. My husband also uses the products, and it has definitely improved joint function.” – Susan M.

“Since my sister gifted me Univera products, I feel naturally energized and am achieving new levels of fitness and vitality I thought were impossible! A total of 70 pounds are gone forever, 40 of those since June, and I feel hopeful that this is just a starting point.” ― Angela Shaughnessy, Independent Univera Associate, Finance and Administrative Consultant

“I’m someone who is very type A and need structure, so if you give me a list of things I need to follow I’m going to follow it to a ‘T’ and not deviate, and that’s when I saw the most results. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter in the past with low-calorie diets where you feel like you are literally eating bites of almonds all day long, but with this I feel satisfied because of the protein I’m eating more regularly. It’s convenient, I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat in the day; and also, the protein has me feeling satiated enough so I’m not going to bed hungry.” – Melanie B.

“A Holiday Caribbean Cruise my husband and I planned inspired my Metabolic Shift. With a proven program and coaching, my blood glucose level dropped 15 points AND I felt the confidence to wear a bikini again for the first time in 10 years in my 50’s!” ― Laurie Andries, Independent Univera Associate

The retail cost for this program is $439 per month, plus tax and shipping – and typically doesn’t come with workouts or additional coaching…

However, by signing up with me, I can give you 20% off, FREE shipping, and a 90-day money-back guarantee… plus the workouts and coaching at no additional cost!

The breakdown:

Metabolic Shift Deluxe Pack with Meal Replacement Shakes = $11.96 per day, or $5.98 per meal (you will be replacing two thirds of your grocery bill!)
Three 30-minute coaching calls (1 per month – $120 value) = FREE!
Access to Trainerize app = FREE!
Custom workouts ($360+ value) = FREE!
Nutrition plan, guidance, accountability & progress check ins ($240 value) = FREE!

You get it all for $359 + tax per month!

And if you are still worried about the cost, you can get the ENTIRE program for free if 4 friends join you ($179 credit each month after the first, plus up to $285 cash back)!

Email me today at to receive a copy of the nutrition guidelines and/or to get set up!

Still hesitant? What’s holding you back?

No time to meal prep, for lengthy workouts, or to get to the gym at all?

— The Metabolic Shift is an easy-to-follow nutrition plan with two meal replacement shakes per day, which takes the worry and thought out of preparing all your meals in advance. Plus the workout app provides a way for me to give you workouts based on your schedule and equipment (even if you are working out from home)!

Can’t afford a nutritionist, trainer, gym membership, plus all the healthy food to lose weight?
— The Metabolic Shift replaces two meals per day, cutting down your grocery bill. You have a health coach and trainer at your fingertips, plus if you get 4 friends to join you, you get the program for free.

Need a plan to follow, but also want a little flexibility?
— The Metabolic Shift offers guidelines of what foods to include in your day, but the structure varies based on what works for you. Plus I’m available to help you customize your plan based on your results to ensure you are seeing progress.

Unsure of what exercises to do lose weight efficiently?
— I’m a certified personal trainer, and will be giving you workouts based on your goals, equipment, and schedule – available all from your phone so you can do them anywhere.
Need accountability to be successful? — You will be able to check off your workouts, track your food intake, submit your measurements and weigh ins, as well as progress photos all on one platform.

Have a medical condition that makes weight loss difficult?
— The Metabolic Shift is clinically proven to help the body manage glucose levels, keep you feeling full, support digestive and cardiovascular health, and provide the body with energy, antioxidant protection, and mental clarity. Message me to talk more about your struggles and how Univera can help.

Feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked?
— With The Metabolic Shift, you have nothing to lose. With their 90-day money-back guarantee, you will get a full refund if you don’t get the results you want.

To see the full nutrition guidelines, or to get set up, email me at TODAY!

*Results may vary.
**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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