Law of Attraction: How to Get What You Want Through Meditation (post 3 of 3)

This past Wednesday was the third and final class on “How to Make Meditation a Way of Life” with Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD. If you have not read the first two posts in this three-part series, I suggest you read the first and second before continuing.

This week’s class focused on a deeper meditation. Our class had been instructed to meditate every day for the past two weeks. After some practice, we were ready for a guided meditation that would take us beyond where we have been so far.

We began with the usual ways of getting ourselves into a meditative state: getting into a comfortable position, closing our eyes, noticing our breath, doing a body scan. Then he began to talk us through how to get to a deeper place. After recognizing how our body felt, he had us imagine we were behind our bodies, becoming separate from it. Once we concentrated on that thought, then he told us to imagine that we were also behind our mind. We were to imagine that we were witnessing our body in one spot, and our mind in another–to witness anything that goes through our mind as being separate from ourselves. We held that for awhile before Rabbi Ted led us even further. He asked us to move behind the witness. Behind that which was observing both our body and mind. Behind the feeling of our bodies in the moment, the words, and the observation of both.

At that point, I felt a little like I was falling asleep. I could no longer hear what Rabbi Ted was saying, but I would catch myself, ask if I’m asleep, and realize I could still hear him if I so chose. Images were crossing my mind, but nothing was very clear. I was unsure if I was doing it correctly, but later when I was sharing how I felt with my sister, she too had the same sensation. And when Rabbi Ted opened up to questions after the experience, the more I felt like I had experienced a deeper meditation than I ever have. I was one step back from observing what was going on in my mind with no judgements. I just “was.”

Rabbi Ted explained that our mind thinks we are getting smaller when we retreat back to this place, when really our consciousness is expanding. We move away from our individual selves into a shared space of inclusivity, where we are one with everything. It was a very interesting experience.

The second part of the class, Rabbi Ted wanted to show us how to create a charm. Having a charm is a way to capture the energy of the feeling of what you want most in an object, so you can access this energy later. This energy also attracts that which will bring us these feelings into our lives.

All of us are living the Law of Attraction, every second of every day. The energy and frequency we emit, combined with the Law of Attraction, determine what we attract and experience. We can choose how we use it, either consciously or unconsciously. Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy, and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” It’s also been discovered that energy vibrates, and due to the high intensity of it’s vibratory output, it creates, emits and projects a measurable frequency. This means everyone and everything is made up of the same stuff, and what we are made of is constantly emits frequency.

Those who understand this concept can utilize the energy and frequency they project in a conscious and intentional way to create desired experiences. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions project a frequency as well. These frequencies are attracting harmonious frequencies that harmonize and attract whatever  you are thinking and feeling.

However, the quality of the thought is also relevant. There are both low frequency and high frequency energy. The more intense the feeling or thought and emotions, the stronger the attraction. Perhaps reflect on your own life. Notice any patterns, maybe in your friendships, relationships, financial situation, etc. This can be tracked back to the type of energy we are putting out into the world and attracting to us. What you can do is start setting intentions. For example, if you have noticed a negative pattern in your relationships, start thinking and imagining what it would feel like to have what you want instead.

You don’t have to do this with a charm or in meditation. Basically you are doing it all the time. This is also why optimism can make you healthier. For more on that, click here. But, if you want to focus on an intention during your meditation in order to draw a certain type of energy frequency, you can do so using a charm.

We were told to bring something small to class that we can carry with us, like a stone. He had us ask ourselves what we really want in our lives, whether it be clarity, success, financial stability, love, etc. He wanted us to have a clear picture in our mind about how we wanted to achieve the core of what we want before going into the meditation. Once we had that in mind, he told us we would “charge” the item with this feeling we imagine.

Creating a charm:

  1. Set the item in a place next to you where it is not touching you, but will be easy to grab with your eyes closed.
  2. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and begin to center yourself. Do a body scan, notice your breath.
  3. Once you feel centered, begin to imagine what you want. Basically, you are putting your ability to day dream to use. Picture yourself doing the things that would bring you the feeling you desire.
  4. Once you are experiencing that feeling, touch the item, and do it in a specific way (holding it in your palm, between your thumb and pointer finger, etc). Hold onto the charm for as long as you can hold on to the feeling you are getting from your daydream. Once the feeling dulls or is lost, release the item.
  5. Repeat.
  6. Come back to your body for several breaths and notice how you feel in this moment. Do not move right away. Slowly open your eyes, and sit until you feel ready to move.

Rabbi Ted recommends doing this every day for at least seven days. Once the charm is “charged,” you will be able to touch the item and feel the energy you have associated with the item, and it will also attract the same frequency of which you are putting into it, into your life. It’s a tool to focus your intention and create the energy frequency that will draw in what you desire.

At the end of the class, Rabbi Ted told us to try the different types of meditation and find out what works best for us. Everyone is different, but hopefully some of these tools help you figure out how to get to your quiet space. It was interesting for me to try different approaches to meditation, and I really had a different experience with each type. He mentioned that if something just doesn’t work for you, then don’t force it, let it go, and try something else.

With that, we concluded the three-class course. If anyone has been trying meditation, or perhaps have been experimenting with different types, please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear about it. Also remember that it is helpful to keep a journal to keep track of thoughts you don’t want to lose, to express what happened during your meditation, and to evaluate how it makes you feel. I hope this left you enlightened and peaceful! Namaste!

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