New Year’s Resolutions Challenge!

This is the time of year that everyone is thinking about what they will do differently. A fresh start, a chance to eliminate bad habits, and to establish new routines. Below are health resolution prompts for this year, as well as how to make sure you stick to them!

First, make sure that the goals you create are realistic. Let’s face it, most of us say we are going to lose weight or be healthier in the new year instead of being specific. If losing weight/being healthier is your goal, set a specific, concrete resolution that will help you achieve that larger objective. Also, don’t frame your resolution as an absolute by saying, “I will never do __ again.” Instead, make your resolutions about new habits, rather than breaking old ones.

Second, remember that it takes years to develop poor habits. Therefore, it isn’t realistic to expect to change overnight. Keep a journal with your resolutions inside, with your overall goal—and keep track of small successes along the way. Write why you are making these goals and re-read when you are struggling to follow them throughout the year. You can also write them in your planner, or on sticky notes to put somewhere you will see them frequently. It also helps to write them publicly to keep you accountable (like I’ve done below!). Post your resolutions on facebook so that your friends and family are aware and can help support your ambitions! Perhaps you and a friend can commit to motivating each other. Part of my challenge is that you must at least post your resolutions in a comment below!

I challenge you to make three specific resolutions for food, body, and mind that relate to your overall objective.

My Overall Objective: Set a healthy example for my friends, family, and followers.

Food – Make a resolution that fits your current diet. For example, if you are not in the habit of eating particularly healthy, perhaps make a resolution to add more nutritious foods into your weekly meals. If you are in the habit of eating out most of the time, make a resolution to make a certain amount of meals at home per week. You can commit to eating certain kinds of foods, such as organic or GMO free. Basically just find a small area you would like to improve and commit to a small change.

My resolution: Be more aware of GMO and inorganic foods when grocery shopping.

Body – Again, make a resolution that fits your current exercise regimen. Unsure of how much you should be exercising? Read this. Want to get a good baseline of how much you should weigh? Click here, and perhaps use the worksheet provided as a way of measuring your success. If you aren’t exercising at all, perhaps commit to adding in at least 30 minutes of exercise per week. If you are active, but need motivation to keep you exercising, you can commit to a certain event, like a half-marathon, triathlon, or involvement in a team activity. If you do all cardio, dedicate one day per week on weight training. You get the picture.

My resolution: Add one yoga class per week into my workout regimen.

Mind – We all suffer from stress. Perhaps the resolution you make is doing something that decreases your stress levels. Maybe you can try being more positive (for some ideas, click here). Set aside a bit of time daily to meditate. Follow this daily recipe for a healthy brain. Write yourself positive affirmations to help with insecurities.

My resolution: Set aside at least 10 minutes, three days per week to meditate.

Another thing to remember is that none of us are perfect. I can guarantee you that I will buy inorganic foods or foods with GMOs (although it would help if they were labeled! Sorry, soapbox) this year, miss a yoga class, and become too busy to meditate a couple times. However, the fact that we are making an effort counts! Don’t let a few stumbles bring you down. Experts say it takes about 21 days to develop a habit, and 6 months for it to become part of your personality.

So, in a comment, what is your overall goal and three resolutions?

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4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions Challenge!”

  1. Great site! I am not a post-athlete, but like the idea of approaching health from all three angles. You don’t realize what a blessing any of the 3 (food, mind, body) until you lose one of them. This year my family gave each other their New Year’s Resolutions as well as a creating a family resolution. So mine from my family was to do something just for myself, not for the groups I volunteer with, not for them or friends, just for me. I have to admit, I’m finding it hard to come up with something, but I will put that in the “mind” category. For food, I’m going to decrease the number of dinners with meat per week to 4 and limit my sugar, read Chocolate… For body, I have been consistently exercising for the last 6 weeks and plan on continuing the trend! What I learned is if I fall off the wagon for a few days is to let it go, to not beat myself up, overeat and total go off rails; instead when a miss a few days for whatever the reason, I just embrace the short break and get back on treadmill because it’s not a diet, program or fad, it’s what I want and need to do for the rest of my life to keep my mind and body where I’d like them to be…healthy.

    Happy New Year!

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