Brain-Healthy Living in Ten Steps

As seen in the National Geographic Complete Guide to Brain Health

What’s good for your body and your social life is good for your brain, too!

1) Get regular exercise.

2) Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight.

3) Stay on top of your health and use medications wisely.

4) Get a good night’s sleep, avoid risky behaviors, and don’t stress!

5) Play games against the clock to stay sharp and focused.

6) Use simple memory strategies to enhance your daily recall.

7) Keep your mind engaged through new challenges. Find little ways to “change up” your brain’s routine.

8) Be social—it offers great challenge for everyday thinking skills.

9) Work or volunteer to stay intellectually challenged and socially engaged. Both activities may offer protection from memory loss over time.

10) Think positively! Self-perception can affect your performance. Practice the power of positive thinking and believe in your memory.

Embed from Getty Images


Sweeney, Michael S. & Green Cynthia R. (2013). Complete Guide to Brain Health: How to Stay Sharp, Improve Memory, and Boost Creativity. Washington D.C.: National Geographic Society.

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