They say an athlete dies twice, the first being when they retire.

Ok, that was a little morbid, but years of work, years of sacrifice, and years of competing—literally, years of blood, sweat, and tears—come to a conclusion. There is no doubt that the termination of a career in sports is a significant time in an athlete’s life. The adjustment includes a change not only in self-perception, social environment, emotions, and relationships, but also in nutrition and exercise. Yet there are SO FEW resources out there to help.

How do you eat now that you aren’t training three hours per day? How do you exercise when you aren’t training for your sport? Who are you, now that you aren’t a ____________ player/athlete? It can be so difficult to navigate your post-sport nutrition, body, and identity — and even career path. After my own struggle, I decided to become a health coach and personal trainer to help other post-sport athletes find balance.

If you are looking for help with nutrition, a workout program, and/or how to channel your strengths as an athlete into a career, this page is for you. Here are some ways I can help: